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  • Where can you deliver a ColdBox chiller and freezer unit?
    Delivery is available all over mainland UK. Please contact us for a quote and an estimate on delivery times to your location. Telephone 07944 673339
  • Do you have a minimum or maximum hire period for a ColdBox storage unit?
    If you need emergency cold storage or are planning a one-off event, we know that lengths of hire terms can be a worry. At ColdBox we strive to work for you and ensure your needs are met, whether its for 24 hours or 24 months!
  • Can you provide off-grid solutions for remote locations?
    At ColdBox we pride ourselves in supplying mobile chiller and freezer units for any any occasion. We can provide standalone electrical generators (at extra cost) for remote locations to ensure your produce stays fresh for your customer base. Call us on 07944 673339 to discuss your requirements.
  • How do I adjust the temperature inside the ColdBox trailer?
    There are step-by-step instructions printed on the side of the digital control unit. You can also watch the brief video below for a short overview of how to adjust the ColdBox chiller and freezer temperature range.
  • The ColdBox trailer is not cooling sufficiently. What is the problem?
    If you are experiencing problems with cooling please understand that air circulation within the ColdBox chiller and freezer unit is an essential part of the cooling process. Please check the following: Remove any obstructions from the air circulation area next to the internal fans. Position your produce so that air can circulate around items. (Racking is available for correct storage and placement of items) Ensure the door is closed properly and only opened for access. Check the temperature on the digital control unit is set at the correct level.
  • The fans and the lights are not working, what do I do?
    If the internal fans are not working and the light does not switch on inside the ColdBox trailer then it is likely there is no power to the unit. Please check all cabling and connections to the power supply or generator and ensure there is a power light on the digital temperature display. If power is connected but there is a malfunction in the cooling unit please call us on 07944 673339 so we can rectify the issue as soon as possible.
  • There is ice forming on the cooling unit, is this a problem?
    Some icing may occur during normal operation, but if you notice excessive icing around the evaporation unit you should check: The door to the trailer is closed properly and has not been left open during product placement. An open door means the cooling unit is working excessively as it attempts to cool the area. The fans on the interior are blocked. Remove any produce from in front of the fans and ensure there is sufficient air circulation in the trailer. If the problem still persists call us on 07944 673339.
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