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Contract & Emergency Mobile Freezer Hire

Who we are

ColdBox are specialists in contract and emergency mobile freezer hire, servicing any and all businesses in need of extra or emergency cold storage. From extra space during busy seasons and events to emergency freezer hire, we have you covered..

As one of your most important assets in catering, making sure your produce is kept at that key temperature is paramount to help you serve your produce at its best. Our team are here to help you get back on track if you need help. Give the team a call and we can have you running again in no time.


Our team are available 24/7, our units can usually be with you within a few hours of that initial phone call.


Catering for a crowd? Our mobile chillers and freezers are ideal for adding that extended storage you need. With longer periods enjoying discounts on hire.


We have great relations with some of the biggest refit teams in the country - when it comes to storage, we have you covered.

Our Boxes

Our range of mobile freezers and chiller units means we can supply cold storage to pretty much any situation. Ranging from the biggest festivals to the quiet family pub. Our units are built to run on standard 240v (13 Ah) electrical power, with the ability to both chill and operate down to a temperature of -20c.

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Looking to cater an event and need that essential extra freezer or chiller space? About to take on a kitchen refit and need somewhere to store your produce? Need emergency freezer hire? Give the team a call to discuss your needs. Drop us your details if its not urgent, our team can contact you, just leave it to us.