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ColdBox for Florists

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keeping flowers fresh

Many businesses use chillers and freezers to store their fresh and frozen produce, but there is a growing demand for other uses. Professional florists are increasingly using temporary chilled storage units to assist them in keeping flowers fresh.

Keeping Flowers Fresh

Valentine’s Day may be just around the corner, yet keeping flowers fresh pre-delivery is essential for any florist at any time of the year.  Can you imagine a summer wedding without a stunning floral display? No-one wants wilted flowers or brown leaves greeting their guests.

A walk-in chiller unit will keep flowers as fresh as the moment they are cut. The advantages of using a mobile chiller for a florist are:

  • You can create your bouquets and displays in advance of an event.
  • The flowers will stay in the chilled area en-route in the sealed unit.
  • The mobile chiller is set up in a nearby, yet discreet location cutting down the time to set-up any display.

Always the Right Temperature

There is always a demand for fresh, cut flowers. Aging and withering is a major factor in wastage within the floristry industry and keeping cut flowers at the correct temperature is paramount. After pulsing to aid carbohydrate retention and ethylene gas inhibition, keeping flowers cool is a major factor in reducing their metabolic decay. The optimal storage temperature for flowers is between 0.5 – 2.8C, (33 to 37F). Our mobile chiller and freezer trailers are rated between -20 and +10C, (-4 to + 50F). The digital temperature controlled chilling unit makes it simple to set and regulate the internal temperature to keep flowers in peak condition.

Emergency Chillers and Freezers for Florists

Many professional florists already use dedicated cold rooms. Unfortunately there are times when these become unusable due to faults, maintenance and other external factors. ColdBox can supply a mobile storage chiller to your location within just a few hours. We offer 24 hour emergency cover and can help keep your flowers fresh for any occasion.

Call us with your requirements and learn how we can help your florist business grow.

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