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Five Reasons to Hire a Mobile Chiller and Freezer

Published by Ian Yates on

You have a big event coming up and you need extra space for frozen or chilled produce. The problem is the building has nothing suitable for you to use, or perhaps the event is being held outdoors and away from all power sources. What do you do? Hire a mobile chiller and freezer of course.

Here are five reasons to hire a mobile chiller and freezer unit from ColdBox.


Mobile Freezer Hire

It doesn’t matter where you want to set up (within reason), a ColdBox trailer can be delivered directly to your door, or field, or middle of the forest, or… well, you get the idea. We use 4X4  vehicles to tow our trailer units to wherever you need them. Our chiller and freezer units only require a patch of level ground to stand on and you are all set.

All our trailer mounted units have extendable legs for stability and can be attached to any UK 230V / 13 amp power socket. If your location has no power supply available please ask about a suitable generator to be included as part of your hire package.


chiller and freezer temperature control

When you hire a mobile chiller and freezer, you control the temperature simply by pressing a button. The digital control is easy to set and features a bright readout so you can monitor the internal temperature without having to open the door.


Event Catering ColdBox

Having a mobile chiller and freezer close at hand gives you the flexibility and extra capacity of available fresh produce. The walk in units can be fitted with high grade racking on request, to further maximise storage space.


mobile chiller

You don’t have to be a business or caterer to hire a ColdBox. Imagine having the capacity to store all your own wine, beer, cocktail ingredients and soft drinks at your outdoor wedding venue. Or you could perhaps use a pop-up bar at your next garden party and BBQ. Hire a barman for the evening and keep your guests in high spirits until the sun comes up.


Chiller cabinet with food

Not everything runs as smoothly as we would like. If your regular chiller or freezer storage suddenly stops working you may need a replacement or repair quickly. But what do you do in the meantime to stop your frozen and chilled products from spoiling.

The ColdBox team can supply our mobile chiller and freezer units within a few hours: depending on your location, of course. We have a 24 hour telephone line so even if your freezer decides to quit out of normal working hours, we can help.

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