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What is Your Emergency Refrigeration Plan

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In a refrigeration emergency situation it is far too easy to lose sight of what you need to do to resolve the issue. Planning ahead will allow you time to consider your options and move any produce to temporary cold storage during repair work.

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Why Have an Emergency Refrigeration Plan?

When your chiller or freezer unexpectedly stops working you need to move fast. If your chilled or frozen produce strays outside acceptable temperatures there is a danger of having to dispose of it. You may be insured for the loss, but the time delay in replacing stock levels can be crippling to a small business.

The best plan of action is to prevent a crisis from occurring. Regular preventative maintenance on your chiller and freezer equipment is essential if you want to keep your refrigeration working efficiently. Professional maintenance will also keep your cold rooms working for longer and delay any replacement.

Have an Immediate Action Plan

The first step in a refrigeration emergency is to salvage as much of your affected produce as possible. Remove items from the faulty chiller and place them in a working unit as soon as you notice a problem. We can deliver our mobile chiller units in a few hours which gives you the best opportunity to save your stock.

Alarms and Monitoring

Modern cold rooms and storage facilities come with accurate temperature sensors and alarms. When an alarm is reported you must immediately put your plan into action. But what should you do if you notice the temperature slowly increasing over a few days, without an alarm?

Your first action in this scenario is to call in your maintenance engineers to check your refrigeration equipment. There may be a simple remedy, such as cleaning the coils or supplying an interim service. It is good practice to have an emergency chiller and freezer unit ready to be used if the need arises. If you contact our team at this stage we can have a mobile chiller and freezer unit placed on standby at your location. This would ensure any failure of your refrigeration equipment would have minimal impact on your business.


Having an emergency refrigeration plan will give your business the resilience to counter any problem if it should arise. ColdBox can assist you with your action plan to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

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