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No Power – No Problem

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Electric Generators for ColdBox Mobile Chillers and Freezers

portable electric generator

If you need a mobile chiller and freezer storage for your outdoor event you may be concerned about the power supply situation. At ColdBox we can supply on request a portable electric generator to run our range of mobile cold rooms.

Our petrol/diesel/lpg powered generators are an ideal solution during power outages or if your event is located away from regular power sources. While electric generators are easy to operate, there are some tips and safety instructions which must be followed.

Installing the Generator

Only a ColdBox employee can install one of our generators for use with the ColdBox range of cold storage trailers. This ensures all safety procedures are followed for installation, connection to our chiller and freezer units, and adequate ventilation is supplied. Ventilation is highly important as generators produce carbon monoxide from their exhaust. If carbon monoxide is allowed to accumulate it can create health and safety problems.

The generator should not be connected to a mains outlet or a building’s power supply socket as it can feed electricity back into the power grid. If a power outage is due to maintenance, and engineers are working on the grid supply, this can prove fatal.

Only ColdBox chillers and freezers should be connected to our generators.

Refueling the Generator

Before a generator can be refueled it must be switched off and allowed to cool. Our mobile freezer units are fully insulated and short periods of no power have no significant loss of temperature inside the trailer.

Fuel should be stored in a locked and well ventilated area. As gasoline and other liquid fuels produce fumes which can easily ignite they should not be stored in vehicles or residential buildings. A correct container type must be used for all liquid fuel storage.

Use a funnel or filler pipe to avoid splashing any fuel onto the generator and the surrounding area and only fill to the level indicated.

Using the Generator

ColdBox generators are supplied with two ratings of power: Surge or Start-Up Power, and Continuous Power.

The Surge Rating is an indication of the maximum power which can be handled for a short period of time. A surge will occur during first power up of our chiller units and lasts for a very brief moment in time.

The Continuous Power Rating is what an electric generator can safely handle when running at maximum capacity. ColdBox generators are carefully matched to our mobile and chiller units to ensure the maximum power rating is never exceeded. This is why only ColdBox units should be connected to our generators.

Emergency Chillers and Freezers

Contact us immediately if you experience a power outage and are in need of an emergency chiller and freezer. A ColdBox mobile cold room and portable electric generator can be on-site within a few hours. Our rapid service ensures your fresh, chilled and frozen products are kept at the correct temperature and will reduce wastage.

Contact ColdBox on 07944 673339 at any time of day or night for rapid assistance.

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Safety Tips

Do not overfill the electric generator fuel tank

Do not refuel a running generator and always allow it time to cool down

Keep the generator area free from debris such as leaves, waste papers and other debris

Ensure the generator is in a well ventilated area