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Cold Room Refurbishment

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Plan your cold room refurbishment ahead to ensure your cold storage room works efficiently and effectively for longer.

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Many businesses have found having an on-site cold room the most practical and cost-effective method of keeping their produce fresh. If a cold room is not maintained adequately, problems can quickly develop. If your business does not make time for maintenance, it is making time for a disaster.

We know it’s a hassle to have to turn off your cold storage area for maintenance, but ColdBox can help. Renting a ColdBox mobile chiller and freezer unit during the refurbishment process ensures your stock stays in perfect condition for your customers. Even in the worst case scenario of a cold room failure, ColdBox can supply an emergency chiller and freezer to your site, normally within a few hours.

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Cold Room Neglect


We work with some of the most highly respected cold room refurbishment, repair and replacement companies in the UK. Working hand in hand with your maintenance team we can supply a mobile chiller and freezer to your premises prior to any work commencing. This ensures a seamless transition from your normal cold storage facility to our temporary unit.

In the event of a full cold room replacement our mobile cold storage rooms are suitable for long term use. The efficient chiller unit is user controlled by a simple digital interface and operates between -20 to 10 degrees Centigrade. We have supplied our equipment to retail and food industry businesses from just a few days, up to a few months.

ColdBox units can be fitted with professional high-grade racking on request and generators are available if your premises are experiencing a power failure.


Cold Room Construction
Typical Cold Room Construction Details

We have vast experience in the cold room industry and can assist your business in removing existing equipment. Waste-Manager is a certified company able to safely decommission cold storage rooms and offer a full waste disposal service.

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